Wedding & First Dance

Wedding & First Dance

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance Lessons for Couples & Groups

The first dance marks a beautiful union between the married couple, as husband and wife. Learn to move gracefully along the dancefloor, without the embarrasement of just shuffling through the moves to a song. Or you could really impress your guests with a show stopping choreographed dance.

Styles of dances

  • Ballroom Dance
  • Ballroom and Bollywood
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Kathak Dance
  • Bhangra
  • Mixed

Wedding dance

Wedding dance lessons for the family

Learn some basic moves and grooves so that you can offer a gift of a lifetime to the bride and groom. Liven up the special event with a spectacular evening of dynamic, expressive and enchanting performances. Celebrate with colour, style and imagination by adding a vibrant and alluring cocktail of uniquely choreographed dance styles and Classical Kathak or Bollywood / Bhangra sequences to suit your needs and the event’s theme.

Dance Workshop for Individuals, Couples / Groups:

Bollywood Bhangra or “filmi” dance encapsulates both modern and classical movements, with the emphasis on story telling and re-enacting moves to the rhythms of Indian soundtrack music. In this workshop, we explore the history of Bollywood and Indian dance, and some of the commonly seen moves found in Hindi cinema; learn how to play the role of a hero or heroine, and work through some choreographed ensemble dance routines. Bollywood is fun, lively, and provides excellent conditioning and a full body work out!

An interactive workshop by exploring Bollywood dance from a cultural and historical perspective. The workshop helps to engage an understanding of the cultural aspects of Indian Dance, whilst focusing on learning basic steps for fun strength and stamina.

The course will provide you with the ‘tools and technique’ to be able to move with confidence and grace -rhythmically and it will allow you to learn and understand about posture, alignment and choreography.  It will arm you with an understanding of the basic techniques of what makes good couple’s dance movements for a great first dance.

wedding performance

Pay as you go Private tuition for one to one training starts from £20 per hour depending on which package you take and how many lessons are taken. A private dance lesson per student can be anything from a minimum of 60 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes. (Extra time given is discretionary and subject to logistics permitting).
At least 10 sessions must be booked to qualify for the discounted rates- or you can opt for the special Package of 7 or 10 hours of tuition.

Most people who have no dance experience, need anything between 4 – 10 lessons (and lots of practice in between).

Engagement gift- first wedding dance

Do you know a couple who’s  just engaged? Why not offer them a gift which they will cherish and enjoy for years to come. Personalised Gift Vouchers for a set number of dance lessons or a package, which the couple is free to redeem with us at a time of their choice.

Hen party dance classes

Getting married, or organising a Hen do? Why not treat your friends and family to a fun filled dance lesson where everyone gets to learn some really awesome moves and has a fun time too.

Learn a full group routine to a favourite song or have an introduction to a new dance style. Dance styles include: Street dancing, Bollywood, Belly dancing or Bhangra, or a fusion of them all! Group sizes can start from as small as four up to as much as 50.

Mehndi / Sangeet party dance tuition / choreography

Are you or a member of your family / friends getting married? Don’t know what to do for the Sangeet /Mehndi night? Why not surprise your guests with a colourful and enchanting dance, to bring out the life and laughter of the party.

Dance floor moves

Have you been invited to a wedding and you’re not sure if you’ll be comfortable on the dance floor? Why not learn some basic Bhangra, Bollywood / Fusion dance moves, so that you’ll be more confident on the dance floor.