Adding a rainbow of colour to every day food

Getting children involved in healthy eating is the start of a healthy lifestyle and it will enable them to feel a sense of appreciation, pride and accomplishment when they start to learn how to cook. Indiadances runs beginners workshops for children in schools, online and one-to-one sessions for families and young children.

Mindful Nutrition

Teaching Children about Healthy Nutrition in a Mindful way

  • Integrating colourful artwork and healthy food into dance, art, poetry and yoga classes, proved to be a rewarding experience for the groups.
  • Simple, delicious and creative dishes for kids to interact with.
  • Adding creative strands of activity, by adding splashes of colour into everyday meals.
  • The children created colourful artistic designs through simple foods and dishes. They put the pictures together to demonstrate how the use of colour can be a creative way to get children involved in preparing and eating delicious, nutritious food. This activity was trailed during Summer 2020.
Enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for a hearty salad
Get children involved with baking their own deserts to understand the concept of healthy eating and to learn new skills.

Getting children involved in baking bread from scratch will enable them to appreciate how food is made.