Mindfulness and Volunteering
Supporting Redbridge Children’s Centre with Mindfulness

Ruby has been a volunteer working with Redbridge Children’s Centre as a Parent Champion since October 2020. She set up a Happy Minds Group supporting local mothers by hosting and co-leading weekly Coffee Online meetings via Zoom. She successfully completed the Redbridge Mindfulness Training which is based on the concept of ‘Plan, Resolve, Bin’. She has helped many local residents with mental health and anxiety. Helping families recovering from mental health problems using creativity and cultural arts awareness (dance, music, art, nutrition) as a backdrop to supporting these individuals is Ruby’s passion.

Using dance, yoga in chair based exercises, in a mindful way, how to be creative with limited time and resources, how to de-stress after a long day using ‘Alexander Techniques’ How to use Aromatherapy oils with dance-yoga to help destress. How to use dance as a way to release stress release tension, stress and to keep calm under stressful situations.

Some of the projects Ruby has been working on voluntarily:
How to practice Creativity using mindfulness.

Mindful Practices

Mindful Art, Yoga, Poetry & Nutrition

Ruby is passionate about Poetry, Art and Yoga, where she delivered these workshops to children and parents during March 2020 – September 2020 using a variety of creative methods to bring out emotions and release creativity during lockdown.
The children’s artwork was displayed virtually through the Art Group where parents and children shared their love of art.