Workshops & Webinars for Well-being

Workshops & Webinars for Well-being

Yoga, Dance & Fitness Workshops & Webinars for Well-being

Yoga Dance Classes for Well-being

Why learn?
Do you want to lose / gain weight?
Do you want to increase strength and core stability?
Do you want to have more energy?

If this sounds like you, then I can help!

Learning Indian dance enhances posture and alignment, fitness and suppleness and increases concentration, confidence, rhythm and stamina.

Bollywood Bhangra or “filmi” dance encapsulates both modern and classical movements, with the emphasis on ‘Core Strength’ using the rhythmic sound tracks of Indian music. In this workshop, we explore major and minor muscle groups to enhance some of the commonly seen moves found in Hindi cinema; learn how to play the role of a hero or heroine, and work through some choreographed ensemble dance routines, whilst strengthening core stability and stamina . The use of body weight, bands, veils and props to enhance strength and resistance training is fun, lively, and provides excellent conditioning and a full body work out!

The course will provide you with the tools and techniques to improve on strength, core stability, move with confidence and rhythmic grace. You will learn and understand posture, alignment and choreography.

Join one of our professional dancers in fun, energetic and dynamic classes. Classes designed for anyone who wishes to dance with more confidence.

Learn To Dance and move in Yogic synergy,
Lose / gain weight, gain energy, vitality and stamina.

I will work with you coaching you in a healthy holistic healing pathway, developing your own personalised programme to suit your needs, so that;

  • You have more energy
  • Fits with your likes and dislikes
  • Helps you to achieve your personal goals
  • Fits in your lifestyle
  • Results in long term optimal health

teaching children

Short and Long Courses available

  • Dance for Auditions & Talent Shows using Performance Techniques for Show Cases
  • Understanding how nutrition can enhance fitness and performance
  • Combining Food Choices with Fitness for optimum health
  • All ages, races, and levels welcome- adults / children, old and young
  • Hindi for Dance Parent and Child Workshops
  • Kathak for beginners & intermediate
  • Kathak Yoga for beginners

Indiadances provides a selection of dance classes, workshops and seminars that can be tailor-made to suit your needs. Whether you are a school, corporate client, charity or a group of individuals wanting to learn something new, we can provide you with a first class service.

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