Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance consists of various Indian dance forms; a fusion of Classical Indian, Folk, Bhangra, as well as Arabic, Latino, and Street styles.

The workshops we offer a creative mixture of technique, energy and emotion but most of all they offer immense fun; The classes focus on poses, grace, hand and feet movements and expression which are an integral part of Bollywood dance. The meaning of each of the songs are explored, while students will learn to ‘dance and act’ them out. It is an experience not to be missed!

All levels are welcome from absolute beginners to advanced.

What will I learn in the Bollywood Dance Classes?

Bollywood dance is an exotic blend of eastern and western dance movements ranging from a fusion of Indian Folk, (Bhangra), Oriental, Classical, Arabic and Bollywood dance movement. These classes help to develop students to want to learn how to dance both for fun, fitness, choreography and for those who may wish to enhance their technique for performance level and beyond. This course is suitable for beginners level.

The tutor Ruby points out that in spite of considering her work to be more about ‘art’ than exercise, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a great workout. She explains that her regular dance classes “requires stamina and build up to a fast-pace,” she says. Whether it’s Kathak, Bollywood or Bhangra, “You work up from the basics…. Starting off at low impact, it progresses to a faster beat as the rhythm of the tabla or the songs get faster. Legs, hips, hands, arm and even the eye and facial movements are used and the whole body gets a good work out, building up a sweat.”

Ruby points out that there is more to Indian dance than just the steps: “It’s about understanding the Hindi songs and the culture, the meaning of the words, the spirit and mood of the song, good breathing techniques, posture, alignment, hand and facial gestures, understanding rhythm and timing within music, being able to grasp different ‘time cycles’, it’s also about stamina and about telling a story through dance and expressions – but most of all enjoyment & having fun!”

What skills or experience do I need to get on the course?

None – only enthusiasm and a passion to learn is what is required. Anyone (old or young) from any nationality or level can learn Indian Bollywood dance. The teaching methods are simple, effective and are fun to learn.

What are the key ingredients in Bollywood dancing?

There are 5 simple ingredients for Bollywood dance:

  • Timing & Rhythm
  • Energy & Passion
  • Stamina
  • Sharp classical hand and feet gestures
  • Controlled and expressive movements.

Add a touch of graceful, sensual style, and full body movements to get that Bollywood flair.

About the Tutor

Ruby has been involved in the Dance, Yoga and Fitness industry for over 20 years, having trained as a Professional Classical Indian Kathak Dance Artist, Bollywood and Bhangra dancer and performer, Tutor in Couple’s Wedding First Dance, and as an Artistic Director of Indiadances, a multi-cultural dance company that she founded in 2003.

Performing and teaching Internationally, Ruby has had formal training in Kathak and Ballroom Dancing and she uses her expertise in Kathak to combine the various distinct dance styles to create and capture breath-taking choreography and performances.

She is passionate about dance, movement, and energy and currently works at number of gyms and schools; both corporate and private clients. With her keen interest in dance and movement and a love of learning, Ruby brings a sense of playfulness and fun to her teaching, fostering curiosity and applying accelerated learning techniques.

Ruby says “Our health and well-being is precious and needs preserving and nurturing on a daily basis.”

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